Mental Health Clubhouses


Granite Pathways’ clubhouses in Portsmouth and Manchester have been busy! Seacoast Pathways’ members and staff in Portsmouth are planning two fundraising events: one is a raffle for a fantastic weekend getaway at a beautiful home on Merrymeeting Lake in September and the other special event is with a 9-piece brass band led by the fabulous Ginna MacDonald of Portsmouth to benefit Seacoast Pathways at the Book & Bar. We are currently finalizing the date, so stay tuned for all additional information! In addition, Seacoast Pathways members are working hard to add two more high value raffle prizes.  Keep an eye on our Facebook page. 

In June, Seacoast Pathways will host a booth at the Portsmouth Market Square Day with fun activities and prizes. This event will also allow us to promote our amazing program.

Meanwhile… over in Manchester, our devoted cohort of clubhouse members have been meeting once a week at the Nackey Loeb School of Communications, keeping relationships strong, and educating many interested and important visitors about the value and strength of the clubhouse model and how much it helps them.  Our members are awesome and have strong faith that the Manchester Clubhouse will become a full operation soon.    

We welcome visitors and interested participants at both Clubhouse locations.  Seacoast Pathways is open Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 9:30am-3:30pm. The Manchester Clubhouse is open on Tuesdays from 12-4pm.  Please contact Ann Strachan if you want to come by – 603-748-8955; or email

Granite Pathways’ Clubhouses were awarded $5000 from The New Hampshire Charitable Foundation’s Entrepreneurs’ Fund AMP grant.  This award supports novel, entrepreneurial and innovative ideas to solve pressing problems and critical issues facing New Hampshire.  We were one of 5 finalists selected from a pool of 45 applicants, and we are very pleased to receive this recognition and honor as an innovative program for mental health recovery in our state.

We are looking for a space in both Manchester and Portsmouth for full-time clubhouse operations – please contact us if you know of any available and affordable sites!