The Clubhouse model originated in 1948 with six courageous men in New York City who rejected institutionalization and repeated hospitalizations and embraced the revolutionary idea that they could make productive new lives for themselves by working side-by-side on recovery. With the founding of Fountain House, they changed their lives and those of thousands of others to follow.

In a Clubhouse, membership is free and open to any adult with a mental illness. While members may be diagnosed with major depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia or other mental disorders, in the Granite Pathways Clubhouse they will be valued contributors to the daily operations of a proven self-help program that returns a high percentage of members to employment and educational advancement.

Today, there are over 330 Clubhouses worldwide serving over 55,000 members. The Clubhouse model has evolved into an evidence-based practice that is supported by the formation in 1994 of the International Center for Clubhouse Development (ICCD), which oversees certification standards, the certification review process, training, and promotion of Clubhouses throughout the world.

The Clubhouse program is a “professional self-help model in which members, along with staff, work together to help individual members achieve their goals. The Clubhouse serves as a base for developing strong relationships and strengthening members’ self esteem.”

The goals of the Clubhouse are to:

  1. Enhance members’ employment opportunities, stability, and wages

  2. Increase the number of members who are advancing their educations and career training

  3. Eliminate the social isolation of serious mental illness and provide an environment in which members build healthy and fulfilling social relationships

  4. Improve members’ resiliency, coping skills and access to housing and basic needs so as to avoid crises and reduce hospitalizations

  5. Eliminate the stigma of mental illness and build members’ sense of hope, pride and dignity.

Granite Pathways is fully committed to expanding the Clubhouse resource throughout the state.