Chucky's Fight


Safe Harbor Recovery Center is proud to support Chucky’s Fight and here is why:

Chucky Rosa speaks loud and clear to anyone about the dangers of drug and alcohol use. He is very passionate about this cause and has dedicated a significant amount of time reaching out to youth about the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse.

His family has been momentously affected by the tragedies of addiction. Chucky has lost two sons (Vincent and Domenic) to addiction and he has vowed to make a difference through awareness and education.

“I believe if I can save at least one child, through hearing my story and sharing my experience of loss, strength and hope, it is all worth it”.

In an effort to get his message across to those who are suffering from addiction, and to realize they are not alone, he has created a website called

“When my sons passed away, they were cremated and their ashes were spread into the ocean. I wake up each morning, take a dip into the ocean, every single day regardless of the weather and start my day with both of them. My wife and I record this daily ritual and offer a positive message to viewers on the website to start each morning. We encourage others to join us in the celebration of life, clean and sober”.

The Rosa Family truly make a heartfelt difference in the lives of people suffering with substance misuse. They know 30 days in a treatment center is not enough for many. The Rosa’s have been assisting people with one week’s rent to a sober living environment for people who are financially unable to begin this critical second step in maintaining their sobriety. The only thing Chucky requires in return is a Thank You letter from the recipient. Below is a recent thank you letter that warms our hearts. 

Granite Pathways/Safe Harbor Recovery Center can always count on Chucky to attend and support all of our events. He makes everyone smile as he fills a room with his vivacious personality.

To quote Chucky, “Keep fighting the good fight!”