Our Mission

Our mission is to support individuals with substance use disorders and mental illness in achieving their life goals as valued members of their community.

Granite Pathways develops innovative, and sustainable solutions that are changing people’s lives.

Granite Pathways Team

Patricia Reed — State Director

Donna Keefe — Director of New Initiatives

Heather Blumenfeld — Director, Safe Harbor Recovery Center

Ann Strachan — Director, Mental Health Services

Kim Haney — Director, Doorways at Granite Pathways in Manchester and Nashua

Lorene Zammuto, Executive Director — Youth Residential Treatment Center

Lori Hebert — Manager, Strength to Succeed

Lynn Fuller — State Coordinator, Family Support Groups

Virginia Ross — Director of Training

Granite Pathways Board of Directors

Lynne Westaway — Treasurer

Deborah Jameson

Monsignor John Quinn

Courtney Gray-Tanner

Nick Brattan

Mark Lore

Jacqueline Ellis — Board Chair of Seacoast Pathways

Heather Blumenfeld — SHRC Peer Leadership Council