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Safe Harbor is a peer-led recovery center.  It is a resource open to anyone impacted by addiction- including family and friends of those most keenly affected.  

  Hungry for Hope 2018

Hungry for Hope 2018

The recovery model is peer and community driven. Based on conversations with key community and public health leaders to date, the services to be provided by SHRC will include the following:

Recovery Coaching, Peer Support & Support Groups, Family Education & Support Workshops and Resources

Prevention, Health and Wellness Programs

Recreational Activities and Sober Events

Private Coaching Sessions

Vocational Training and Job Placement, Volunteer Activities

Peer-led recovery is a holistic approach to long-term recovery.  Support is led by people who have traveled the pathway to recovery and who understand the job and challenges of the journey.  Working alongside someone who a shared experience means that support is credible and sustaining.  Research proves that peer-led support is the most effective approach to substance use recovery.  

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