Founded in 2009, Granite Pathways began as a
grass-roots initiative that introduced the “clubhouse” model in New Hampshire, an evidence-based, peer-led, self-help community, aimed at eliminating isolation and providing hope, dignity, and recovery options for adults with mental illness.


No one should have to do it alone. Granite Pathways is a community of hope, welcoming anyone impacted by mental illness and substance abuse.



Our Mission

To support individuals with mental illness and addiction in building personal equity and achieve their life goals as valued members of their community.

Today Granite Pathways is building:

A Clubhouse in Manchester, NH—where individuals with mental illness and/or substance use disorders come together to learn, become job-ready, find support and a safe place. The Clubhouse is a model for peer-led, community centers throughout the state.

Safe Harbor Recovery Center in Portsmouth, NH—community within a community where education, peer support, advocacy, training and employment are available to those in recovery.

A virtual network of REGIONAL ACCESS POINT SERVICES across the state that offers screening and referrals to supportive services to combat substance use disorders and addiction.  

Job training and education – creating a pathway to employment and long term economic well being.

Partnerships between individuals and universities, community colleges, and businesses for apprenticeship,
internships, and employment opportunities.

A platform for public advocacy and awareness to eliminate stigma and support individuals with
mental illness and addiction as thriving members of the community.